Personal income tax finalization service at TASCO

With the desire to share and shoulder a part of the work, helping individuals to self-settle personal income tax as well as income-paying businesses and organizations to fulfill their personal income tax finalization obligations in the future. As soon as possible, TASCO offers you a comprehensive solution – “Personal income tax settlement service” with reasonable cost and high responsibility. You will not have to do anything and go anywhere. TASCO will do all the procedures on behalf of the customer.

You have too many tasks to deal with, you are afraid that you will forget to submit the PIT finalization declaration?

Are you afraid that the profile has errors, is incomplete, and has to be added many times?

Constantly changing tax policies make it difficult for you to follow the correct settlement process?

Your time fund is limited, you do not timely update new tax policies?

You do not want to authorize tax finalization to the paying agency or in the year you have income from 2 or more places?

You need to register relatives to get personal income tax deduction?

You do not have a personal income tax number? Need to register for a tax number?

Don't worry, TASCO is here to help you, TASCO Tax Agent brings you "Personal Income Tax Finalization Service" with reasonable cost and high responsibility. You will not have to do anything and go anywhere. TASCO will do all the procedures on behalf of the customer.

Why should you use a personal income tax finalization service?

👉Tax regulations are complex and often change. If you are not a tax expert, you will face a lot of difficulties in understanding and updating the provisions of tax laws. You will probably spend a lot of time and effort researching, traveling and supplementing the necessary documents.

👉In order to properly comply with the regulations when carrying out the personal income tax finalization procedures, you must clearly understand the provisions of the tax law, master the provisions of the tax administration law, the personal income tax law. Then you have to prepare documents, prepare information according to regulations, draft forms according to regulations, prepare documents and records according to regulations.

👉Do you always need a tax consultant to check and control your tax return and tax refund records? Is such profile complete or not? Is the tax refund correct?


Limit errors in preparing documents and making personal income tax finalization declarations. All tax returns, tax refunds and tax finalization documents will be provided and prepared by us in accordance with the forms prescribed by the tax authorities.

Save all your time doing tax returns and paying taxes. In order to finalize personal income tax, each person will have to submit a tax file at the tax agency that he/she registered with and submit a tax return online. With the personal income tax finalization service at TASCO for the entire travel time, your wait when submitting your tax return online or filing at the Tax Office will be minimized. You will save yourself a waiting time at the Tax Departments when using the personal income tax finalization service at TASCO.

Get free advice on personal income tax regulations, registration for deduction of dependents, advice on reducing the amount of tax payable in accordance with tax laws.

Complete documents quickly and receive tax refunds from tax authorities.

100% confidentiality of customer information .

Personal income tax finalization service at TASCO will do the following procedures for you:

Make a tax finalization declaration

Transfer documents to customers to sign

Submit payment documents online

Submit the finalization file to the Tax Office

Support to track the status of records 

Commitment to not incur additional costs

Full service fee from only 550k / file.

For districts of Cu Chi, Can Gio, Hoc Mon, District 12: Additional surcharge 150k

For foreign individuals: Additional surcharge of VND 350k


Provide a photo of your tax withholding and proof of income for the year.

Provide existing sources of income in the settlement year.

Provide birth certificate or ID card information of dependents.

Provide your bank account number, email, phone number and contact address.


📌Tax agent TASCO is one of the tax agents certified by the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City to be eligible to provide tax procedure services according to the list announced by the General Department of Taxation.

📌Tasco tax agent has a team of experts who are certified to practice as tax agents and serve customers with the criterion of "Dedication - Responsibility - Professionalism".

📌TASCO tax agent always "puts CUSTOMER'S RIGHTS NUMBER 1" and accompanies businesses throughout the operation period.

Tax agent TASCO with the business motto "DEPARTMENT - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", always ensures to bring to customers financial, accounting and tax services with perfect quality. More than 200 customers when using services at TASCO feel very satisfied with the service quality here. What are you waiting for, if you are in need of personal income tax finalization service, please contact TASCO Tax Agent immediately, we guarantee to provide you with the most optimal solutions for your business. on tax accounting with reasonable cost and perfect service quality.

TASCO is always ready to give you free advice 24/7. Contact TASCO immediately to enjoy the best service from us.



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