Accounting training course and provide professional accounting staff

With many years of experience in the field of accounting training, practice in parallel is providing services on tax accounting, corporate law for clients of various scales, TASCO is committed to helping customers get high-quality accounting human resources – suitable for business requirements.

✨ In fact, for businesses nowadays, cost reduction is a very important factor for businesses to develop sustainably. Most businesses are aware of the importance of human resources and always have criteria to build and improve the working quality of employees in order to make the company more and more developed. And in any business, accounting personnel is always an effective part that contributes significantly to the operation and management of business activities of that enterprise.

⭐ How to find a qualified and professional accountant?

⭐ You are spending too much time looking for and recruiting accounting personnel but still have not found a suitable candidate for your organization's requirements?

⭐ You have a headache because your company's accounting personnel is always changed due to unsuitability or poor professional qualifications, causing the business to frequently violate regulations on taxes, invoices, vouchers, and accounting regimes?

⭐ You want to save maximum cost and time in recruiting and training candidates to focus on other development strategies?

✨ Every year, universities and colleges in Vietnam always train tens of thousands of students in the field of Finance - Tax Accounting, helping to create a huge supply for the labor market. However, finding a candidate who fully meets the company's job requirements is not an easy task for today's businesses.

✅ As a company specializing in providing comprehensive accounting, tax, and legal services for businesses, TASCO always understands the risks when accounting work is not guaranteed. We understand the need for professional accountants in your business and what it takes to become an experienced accountant.

✅ So, let TASCO help you, we will play the role of selecting and training the most potential candidates to provide accounting human resources for businesses through “Training and supplying accounting personnel service”


TASCO provides accounting personnel including:

📌 Chief Accountant

📌 General Accounting

📌 Tax accountant

📌 Internal accounting

📌 Cashier

Quality of accounting personnel provided to businesses:

🌙 Make sure the candidate's background is clear

🌙Candidates are well-trained with the necessary knowledge and experience to serve the job such as processing invoices and documents, making tax declarations, making financial statements, year-end tax finalization,...

🌙 Proficient in office computer and accounting software

🌙 Ability to handle tasks effectively

🌙 Able to quickly adapt to the working environment and trained in working culture, communicating with colleagues, customers and authorities.

Why should your business use the accounting personnel supply service at TASCO?

🍁TASCO, with the business motto “WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL" ensures to provide customers with the most qualified, reputable, and professional accounting staff.

🍁 TASCO always puts service quality and customer interests first, committed to helping customers minimize the risk of "hiring the wrong person". Helping customers limit tax risks, optimize tax payable, and comply with tax laws.

🍁 Enterprises will receive a list of candidates who have been trained in professional knowledge along with working skills, ready to adapt and accept the job.

The process of selecting, training, and supplying accounting personnel at TASCO:

  • Step 1: Recruit, manage records and train practical accounting for candidates
  • Step 2: Candidates can participate in training courses on professional expertise, culture, and ethics.
  • Step 3: Find out your company's recruitment requirements
  • Step 4: Based on the actual needs of customers, TASCO will find out the suitable candidates and send you a list of potential candidates that match the criteria.


TASCO tax agent is one of the reputable and dedicated service providers of tax procedures, tax accounting, accounting personnel, business establishment and change the content of registration.

1. Professional accounting team

  • TASCO is proud to have a well-trained team and professional accountants. Especially, the CEO has more than 17 years of experience in tax work and performing tax operations for hundreds of companies, having a certificate of tax procedures service

2. Service quality

  • TASCO, with the business motto "conscientious - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL" ensures to provide businesses with the most prestigious and professional tax accounting, consulting, declaration, and finalization services.

3. Reasonable expenses

  • Lump-sum expense and reasonable, customers do not have to pay any extra costs, free consultation 24/7 before, during, and after using the service.

4. Service from the heart

  • Tasco always puts the rights of customers first. More than anyone else, Tasco understands that customers have to invest a lot of expense when operating businesses. Therefore, Tasco always supports customers to minimize costs to operate their businesses sustainably

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