⭐ You do not have a tax identification number? Do you need to register for a tax identification number?

⭐ You need to register for dependents to be eligible for family circumstance deduction in the tax year?

⭐ Are you afraid that the personal income tax finalization file or the dependent registration file has errors, is incomplete, and has to be supplemented many times?

⭐ Tax policy changes constantly make you face many difficulties in the regulation on the implementation of personal income tax finalization?

⭐ You do not want to authorize the personal income tax finalization to the paying agency or in the year you have income from 2 or more places and the paying company requires you to do the tax finalization yourself?

⭐ You have too many works to deal with, are you afraid that you will forget to submit the personal income tax finalization on time?

⭐ You feel that the regulations on personal income tax finalization are too complicated and you want to authority a company to do this job?

 Don't worry, TASCO Tax Agent will bring you personal income tax finalization service with reasonable cost and high responsibility. You will not have to do any procedures, we will do all for you.

✨ Personal income tax finalization means an individual’s full determination of tax liability in a year, a tax period with the state budget. The personal income tax finalization service of the TASCO Tax Agent will advise and assist customers in preparing necessary tax finalization documents according to regulations. Tasco's personal income tax finalization service is the most prestigious, quality, efficient and economical service in Ho Chi Minh City with more than 200 customers who have trusted and used the service.


✅ Limiting errors in preparing documents, making personal income tax finalization declarations. All tax returns, tax refunds, and tax finalizations will be provided and prepared by us in accordance with the forms specified in the Personal Income Tax Law as required by the Ministry of Finance.

✅ Customers will not spend much time researching and updating tax policies. We will advise fully on the procedures, processes, and information and customers only need to provide your information, we will complete the document.

✅ In order to finalize personal income tax, you will have to submit a tax return at the Tax Authorities that you registered with or make a tax return online. However, when using our service, the entire travel and waiting time of customers when making online tax returns or submitting documents at the Tax Authorities will be minimized

✅ Complete documents quickly and receive tax refunds from Tax Authorities.

✅ 100% confidentiality of customer information.


☀️ Make a personal income tax finalization declaration.

☀️ Make a dependent registration declaration if the customer has not yet registered the dependents.

☀️ Transfer to the customer to sign.

☀️ Register an electronic tax account for customers.

☀️ Submit tax finalization documents online.

☀️ Submit tax finalization documents and necessary documents to Tax Authorities.

☀️ Support to monitor the status of documents until the customer receives the tax refund and assist the customer to pay tax if there is any tax payable.

☀️ Commitment does not arise any additional expenses

 With the above lump-sum service, TASCO offers a super-saving fee: From only 550,000 VND / documents, customers will not have to worry about personal tax obligations to state agencies.


Step 1: Receive information, tax advice: We will collect all information about incomes, family circumstance deductions, and personal income tax payment rates of employees. We will advise and exchange, and provide the correct forms of documents. After gathering all the necessary information and documents, we will complete the correct and complete tax finalization document.  At the same time, the customer will be notified of the payable tax rate and the refunded tax rate.

Step 2: Make a personal income tax finalization declaration

Step 3: Send the declaration to the customer, the customer checks the information and data on the declaration.

Step 4: Go to the customer's place to get the documents and sign the declaration.

Step 5: Submit the personal income tax return online and send the personal income tax finalization document to the tax authority where the customer's personal income tax is settled.


⚡ Provide a tax deduction voucher picture and proof of income for the year.

⚡ Provide ID card / citizen identification / Passport of the taxpayer.

⚡ Declare current sources of income in the tax finalization year.

⚡ Provide a birth certificate or ID card of dependents.

⚡ Provide account number, email, phone number, and address.


📌 100% confidentiality of customer information

📌 Commitment does not arise any additional expenses

📌 Accompany with the customers until tax refund is received. Support customers if records need to be supplemented or incorrect.


➡️ TASCO TAX AGENT SERVICE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is one of the companies certified by the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City to be eligible to practice tax procedure services.

➡️ TASCO tax agent has a team of experts who are certified to practice as tax agents and serve customers with the criterion "Conscientious - Responsibility - Professional".

➡️ Tax agent TASCO always "PUT OUR CUSTOMER'S RIGHTS FIRST" and accompanies with business throughout its operation.

✨ TASCO tax agency with the business motto "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", always ensures to bring to customers the perfect quality about financial, accounting, and tax services. More than 200 customers when using services at TASCO feel very satisfied with the service quality here. What are you waiting for, if you are in need of a personal income tax finalization service, please contact TASCO Tax Agent immediately, we ensure to provide you the most optimal solutions for your business on tax accounting with reasonable cost and perfect service quality.

✨ Please contact us immediately if you are in need of prestige and quality personal income tax finalization services.

TASCO - Tax agent responsible for all service

           TASCO - Give trust - get value

Please contact TASCO for a free consultation:

 Hotline: 086.486.2446 - 0975.08.68 (zalo)

 Website: dailythuetasco.com hoặc dichvutuvandoanhnghiep.vn

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