❓ You are one of the foreign investors?

❓ You have aspirations to develop in Vietnam?

❓ You want to contribute capital to invest in a Vietnamese company but are afraid of complicated procedures?

❓ You have not grasped all the regulations in Vietnam?

❓ You need to find a highly specialized unit, knowledgeable about legal procedures and regulations in Vietnam to support you?

💥 Don't worry, TASCO Tax Agent is here to bring you the ultimate solution "Foreign company establishment service". This solution of TASCO Tax Agent was born to help you remove those worries. Come to TASCO, you no longer have to be afraid of the procedures for setting up a branch or company in Vietnam.

TASCO's "Foreign company establishment service" solution will help foreign investors to set up companies in Vietnam easily and quickly without having to go through complicated procedures. Because all had TASCO to take care of investors.


"Foreign company establishment service" of TASCO will support and provide you with services including:

👉 Consulting, preparing documents and implementing

👉 License to operate

👉 Round seal (rubber square box, the best type)

👉 Publication: 3 period report

👉 Set up initial taxes and purchase invoices

With the management policy "Whole-hearted - Responsibility - Professional", TASCO Tax Agent is committed to giving investors maximum satisfaction when using TASCO's services.

With the above optimal solution of TASCO, the service fee will vary depending on the registered sector of the company.

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