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Are you a start-up business?

✅ Is your company small and medium-sized, does not have a lot of costs to hire a skilled accountant?

✅ Do you want to save maximum costs for your business when you have to pay salaries, bonuses, social insurance,... for an experienced accountant?

✅ Your company’s accounting personnel changes, making tax reporting, finalization, and data processing difficult? 

✅ The accounting personnel is still immature and inexperienced, leading to your business encountering troubles with the tax authorities due to late submission, incorrect submission of tax returns, tax finalization reports, financial statements?

✅ Are you need a representative to help explain tax accounting data to tax authorities, need a consultant on tax accounting regulations as well as possible tax legal risks

✅ Are you wondering whether to use an accounting service or not? If yes, which company should I choose to ensure quality and prestige? 

✅ Are you looking for a lump-sum accounting service, low cost but high efficiency for your company?

✅Do you want to have a team of consultants to help you with tax accounting regulations to minimize tax costs legally? 

⭐ Understanding the above concerns about the issues of bookkeeping, tax finalization of customers, TASCO provides you with a  comprehensive solution  "LUMP-SUM ACCOUNTING SERVICE”, helping to solve problems quickly and efficiently !!

⭐ TASCO Tax Agent provides lump-sum tax accounting services, TASCO will on behalf of customers to prepare and submit tax returns in accordance with regulations, do the bookkeeping, accounting voucher according to accounting standards, and take responsibility to explain for tax authorities, helping businesses avoid the risk of being fined for tax administration violations, reducing the risk of against the law of tax, collect tax arrears, and save tax cost for your business.



What are the benefits that business receives when using the lump-sum tax service at TASCO?


  TASCO will take over periodical tax reports as prescribed.

  Prepared accounting vouchers, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping, tax finalization, financial statements according to regulations.

  Work directly with tax authorities on behalf of the customers, explain data to tax authorities during inspection and examination.

  Get free advice on tax accounting policies during the process of using the service.

  Save maximum accounting costs (you don’t need to pay social insurance and hire more accountants).

  Enjoy attractive offers on the company’s lump-sum accounting service.

  The experts with high tax accounting qualifications and many years of experience will consult, answer tax accounting questions whenever the business needs.

TASCO TAX AGENT SERVICE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is one of the companies certified by the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City to be eligible to practice tax procedure services. Please contact us immediately if you are in need of prestige and quality lump-sum accounting services.



Why should businesses use lump-sum accounting services?

✴️ According to the tax administration law, when enterprises enter into business operations, they must comply with the law on tax reporting regime, voucher invoices, bookkeeping, and a number of other relevant regulations (whether or not incurred, you still submit the report)  except for suspension registration of business, if you don’t submit the report, how will the tax authorities know did the business arises or not? 

✴️ Many businesses do not know what they need to do to meet tax legal requirements, leading to forced shutdown, business code lock, tax code lock, administrative fines on tax due to non-compliance with reporting regime and tax laws.

✴️ Saving costs of paying salaries, bonuses, and insurance for accounting staff, cost of building tax accounting apparatus at the enterprises, reducing worries about the accounting staff always changing making lost bookkeeping, help save time in accounting work at the enterprises.

✴️ Limiting the late submission of tax returns, not being coerced invoice, or having the tax code locked due to non-compliance with tax laws. When using a lump-sum accounting service, the business will receive whole-hearted advice on tax, accounting, invoicing policies.

In order to support businesses to do tax regulations well, without affecting their business operations, TASCO Tax Agent Service limited liability company wishes to accompany business during the business process, advise on tax regulations, do tax procedures on behalf of the business, help businesses optimize profits, reduce tax risks, and save cost for business.

TASCO company’s lump-sum accounting service will be the best solution

Service fee from only 499.000 VND per month including:

  • Consulting on tax policy, accounting, legal business.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports.
  • Prepare accounting vouchers, receipts, payment slips, input slips, export slips, other accounting slips,...
  • General and detailed bookkeeping.
  • Prepare and submit annual tax finalization.
  • Prepare and submit financial statements.
  • Prepare and submit statistical reports.
  • The representative explains and works with tax authorities.
  • Responsible for paying fines if Tasco's fault lead to penalties 


 TASCO is committed to doing tax accounting operations on time, on schedule, providing complete bookkeeping, financial paper, and making tax declarations on time

✨ TASCO commits to be responsible for paying the fines if TASCO’s errors lead to penalties such as late submission of tax returns, improper reporting,...

✨ TASCO is committed to protecting customer information after using the service.

✨ TASCO is committed to being responsible to explain to tax authorities for data and settlement records.

✨ TASCO is committed to customer satisfaction when using the service.


1.      Professional accounting team

TASCO is proud to have a well-trained team and professional accountants. Especially, the CEO has more than 17 years of experience in tax work and performing tax operations for hundreds of companies, having a certificate of tax procedures service

2.      Flexible charging method based on customer’s usage need

TASCO does the service first, checks the payment later. Businesses operate well, generate a lot of profit, the higher number of invoices, the higher the service cost. On the other hand, in the low season. The lower the operating efficiency, the lower the service cost.

3.      Reasonable cost

Tax agent service with an offer from only 499.000 VND per month which help business save maximum costs, up to 90% compared to the market. In particular, the commitment does not incur additional costs

4.      Constantly updating information on legal regulations

The professional department at TASCO always updates circulars and legal decrees related to accounting, tax and sends them to customers’ emails every week.

To use the lump-sum accounting service at TASCO, customers will need to provide us with the following documents by scanning  and sending them by email:

  1. Invoices, inward invoice
  2. Invoices, sale receipt
  3. Economic contract (if any)
  4. Monthly salary table
  5. Statements of company’s bank accounts
  6. The situation of receivables and payables
  7. Other documents related to the company’s business operations 
  8. Cashbook

🍁 TASCO tax agency with the business motto "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", always ensures to bring to customers the perfect quality about financial, accounting, and tax services. More than 200 customers when using services at TASCO feel very satisfied with the service quality here. What are you waiting for, if you are in need of a lump-sum accounting service, please contact TASCO Tax Agent immediately, we ensure to provide you the most optimal solutions for your business on tax accounting with reasonable cost and perfect service quality.


🍁 Immediately contact TASCO Tax Agent in the following ways or you can register online here for a completely free consultation!!


TASCO - Tax agent responsible for all service

           TASCO - Give trust - get value

Please contact TASCO for a free consultation:

 Hotline: 086.486.2446 - 0975.08.68 (zalo)

 Website: hoặc


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