Business license registration from only 1.5 million VND - Commitment to not incur any costs

Tax agent TASCO provides business license registration service for business households and businesses, with a cost of only  1.5 million VND, businessmen do not need to do any formalities, just provide provide information on name, head office address, capital, industry. In just 3 working days you will receive your business license and your business can be up and running



Are you looking to start a business and need advice on business and household legal procedures as well as initial tax return policies?

Are you wondering whether to start a business by setting up a business or an individual business household?

Which type will suit the conditions and industry you want to do business in?

Are you wondering how the legal documents and procedures are done? How much does it cost to set up a business or household business and which agency will provide you with a business license?

On the other hand, you want to get a business license quickly but do not need to do any documents and procedures?

Especially, after the raging epidemic, you want to revive the economy by doing business but don't know where to start and which form to choose?

More than anyone else, Tasco understands that entrepreneurs are in need of a unit that can REGISTER BUSINESS LICENSE, with a cost of only VND 1.5 million – commitment without incurring any costs, we can help you. Entrepreneurs get a business license without having to spend a lot of time composing documents, submitting documents or doing any formalities. Come to Tasco, business people will be satisfied with the quality of service that Tasco experts bring.

With many years of experience in the field of business legal advice, Tasco will take care of all business registration procedures to help entrepreneurs get a business license quickly, economically and effectively.

Choose a business registration form

The Enterprise Law 2020 takes effect from January 1, 2021

Decree 01/2021/ND-CP takes effect from January 4, 2021

  Currently, according to Vietnamese law, when starting a business in the marketplace, a start-up will have a number of choices about the type of business. Specifically:

* Register to establish an individual business household

* Registering for business establishment, start-ups will be able to choose one of the types of businesses specified in the Enterprise Law 2020 effective from January 1, 2021 as follows:

Establishment of a private enterprise.

With a cost of only VND 1.5 million, commitment to incur no costs and customers do not have to do any formalities, after only 3 days you will receive a business license in hand. Do you believe? That is absolutely true if you come to the service of registering a business license at TASCO, we are committed to giving you satisfaction when using the service at our company!

With only 1.5 million VND, you just need to stay at home and provide information about company name, address, capital, industry, ID card. You will get:

✅Free state fees and establishment information disclosure fees.

✅Free round sign (for businesses).

✅Free license tax declaration, electronic tax registration, electronic tax payment registration

✅Free license fee for the first year for newly established businesses

✅Free consultation on post-establishment procedures: opening a bank account, issuing invoices,...

✅Free 500k voucher when buying digital signature, e-invoice or using accounting services

TASCO will replace you:

1. Establishment of an individual business household:

Consulting on legal procedures related to business household establishment

Check customer information and draft business household establishment documents Send documents to customers to sign

On behalf of the customer, submit the application to establish a business household

Monitor the processing of the application and supplement if required

Pay fees and charges related to the establishment of an individual business household

Receive the Certificate of Business Establishment and deliver it to customers.

2. Enterprise establishment:

Advising on policies and regulations related to capital, business lines, establishment procedures and tax issues for businesses

Check customer information and compile business establishment documents

Submit the application to the business registration agency and monitor the processing of the application Receive business license, seal and hand delivery to customers

Pay state fees and establishment information disclosure fees

Advising on post-establishment procedures such as opening a bank account, issuing invoices,...

Carry out initial tax procedures for businesses

Make a signboard

Why is TASCO different?

A picture containing gauge, clipartDescription automatically generated  Top staff

TASCO CEO with more than 17 years of experience in financial accounting management in multinational companies

A picture containing gauge, clipartDescription automatically generated  Service quality

TASCO, with the business motto "DEFINITION - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", ensures to provide businessmen with the most prestigious and professional business establishment services, tax accounting services, and tax consulting services.

A picture containing gauge, clipartDescription automatically generated  Reasonable prices  

Full cost and reasonable, customers do not have to pay any additional costs, free consultation 24/7 before and after establishment.

A picture containing gauge, clipartDescription automatically generated  Service from the heart

Tasco always puts the interests of customers first. More than anyone, Tasco understands that customers have to invest a lot of money when starting a business. Therefore, Tasco always supports customers to minimize costs to operate their businesses sustainably.

100% confidentiality of customer information

Commitment to not incur additional service fees

Accompanying customers until receiving the business license and throughout the operation process. Support customers if records need to be supplemented or incorrect.

Attractive offers when registering to use other service packages at TASCO


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Tasco - Tax agent responsible for all services

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