Tax agent services

Tax agent service is on behalf of customers to carry out tax procedures as prescribed: tax declaration, personal income tax finalization, corporate income tax finalization, tax consulting, tax procedure services , tax consulting, business dissolution services, ...

Who needs to use tax agent service?

- Enterprises preparing to set up need to learn about tax regulations.

- Established businesses need to register their tax reports and tax records in accordance with the regulations of the tax office.

- Individuals with income want to replace tax finalization records.

- Enterprises need advice on tax policy because tax policies often change

- Enterprises need to replace dissolution procedures or other tax procedures.

According to statistics on business registration as of December 31, 2019, the whole country has 758,610 enterprises in operation, of which small and medium enterprises account for more than 90%.

When establishing a legal entity to do business, the enterprise is required to record accounting books and declare and pay taxes to the State in accordance with the law and the accounting department of the enterprise will perform these tasks. . Tax procedures are the most mentioned topic in the conversations between businesses and regulators and are also a topic of great concern for businesses.

Tax law is very wide, constantly changing, tax procedures are also complicated and require a lot of professional knowledge and practical experience, so it is difficult for accountants to complete their jobs. , the payable tax declaration can also be incorrect, false, excess or insufficient, resulting in the enterprise's tax arrears and penalties. Above all, not all businesses have enough resources to build a team of tax accountants alongside other accounting departments to serve their production and business processes, especially in a multi-country country. Part of it is small business like Vietnam.

Tax agents appear to have contributed significantly in assisting businesses to deal with those complicated procedures, replacing them with tax reports, tax procedures, business representatives explain to the tax authorities.

So what is a tax agent? What are the advantages of tax agents? What practical benefits will businesses gain when using tax agent services?

According to the amended Circular No. 51/2017 / TT-BTC dated May 19, 2017: “Tax agents are enterprises and branches of enterprises that meet all conditions for providing tax procedure services. in accordance with the Law on Tax Administration and other relevant laws ”.

When businesses use the tax agent service, they will have the following benefits:

First, save costs, time and manpower. Enterprises will minimize the cost of hiring staff to undertake tax jobs, not to mention having to pay salary, bonus, and social insurance costs, but the tax expertise is not deep.

Second, about tax policies. State policies in general and tax policies in particular are constantly changing, requiring tax agent staff to regularly monitor and update continuously drafts, circulars, decrees, ... related to tax and other related fields. From there, enterprises do not need to pay attention and study the large and complex tax law system but can still receive accurate and timely reported data as required by law.

Third, tax agent will be responsible for any mistake caused by tax agent error. Businesses absolutely do not have to worry about fines due to incorrect declaration, mistake, late submission of declaration, ...

Fourth, using tax agent services helps customers feel secure that their businesses comply with tax regulations, but focus their time and effort on production, business and business development.

Tasco Tax Agent is one of the tax agents confirmed by the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department to be eligible to provide tax procedures according to the list announced by the General Department of Taxation. See list of qualified tax agents

Tasco Tax Agent has a team of experts who are certified to practice tax agent and serve customers with the criteria of Dedication - Responsibility - Professional

Better yet, Tax Agent Tasco always "SET CUSTOMER RIGHTS FIRST" and accompany the business throughout the entire operation.

Being a group of experts with high professional qualifications, lots of practical experience in the field of tax consulting, accounting services, ... Tasco ensures to provide customers with good quality services. most, satisfy the growing needs of businesses.

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