Service of setting up a social enterprise

You are looking to establish a social enterprise but do not know the regulations and conditions for establishment. This article of TASCO will solve all related problems on behalf of customers with the service of establishing a social enterprise.


1. What is a social enterprise?

🔅 Social enterprises are enterprises established and operating according to the types of enterprises specified in the Law on Enterprises.

🔅 Having business activities but determining the main operation objective is to solve social and environmental problems for the benefit of the public, most of the profits are used to serve social and environmental goals for the benefits community.

🔅 Use at least 51% of the total annual profit after tax of the business to reinvest to realize the registered target.

2. Current social enterprise models:

✔️ Non-profit social enterprises such as volunteer organizations and groups; associations, centers for people with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS...

✔️A profitable social enterprise is a business model that, although profitable, is not subject to profit sharing or financial problems. Instead, it focuses on the purpose of sharing environmental, social, and community projects. Most of the profits of the business will be used for reinvestment or to subsidize these activities.

✔️ A not-for-profit social enterprise is an enterprise established by individuals or organizations with a combination of economic and social goals, usually operating in the form of a limited company or a joint stock company. Profits are mainly used for reinvestment or to expand social development.

3. Conditions for establishing a social enterprise:

3.1. Conditions on the subject of business establishment:

✔ Organizations with legal status;

✔ Individuals from full 18 years old; have full capacity for civil acts;

✔ Not in the case of organizations and individuals that do not have the right to establish and manage enterprises in Vietnam as prescribed in Clause 2, Article 17 of the Enterprise Law 2020.

3.2. Conditions for charter capital:

✔ The law does not stipulate the minimum or maximum charter capital when registering to establish an enterprise (except for business lines requiring capital), so depending on the industry and business size, the owner Company owners can register a level of charter capital in accordance with their financial capacity but must ensure to fully contribute the registered capital within 90 days from the date of issuance of the business registration certificate.

3.3. Conditions for the head office:

✔ The location selected as the head office of a social enterprise must be located in the territory of Vietnam, have a clear address, and clearly identify the address.

The company's headquarters must not be located at an address that is an apartment building (except for an apartment with commercial functions) or a group house.

3.4. Conditions of business lines:

✔ Enterprises have the right to register for business lines that are not prohibited by law, but such industries must be in the system of Vietnam's economic sector codes. For conditional industries and trades, enterprises must ensure that they meet the conditions of each line of business as prescribed by law.

3.5. Name conditions:

✔ The name of a social enterprise must ensure 2 elements: Type of business + proper name;

✔ Types of businesses include: Joint-stock company, limited company, partnership, and private enterprise;

✔ The phrase “social” can be added to the business name;

✔ Not to be named the same or confusingly with the name of a previously registered business nationwide.

4. Service of setting up a social enterprise:

👉 Step 1: Advising business people on the regulations on setting up a company

👉 Step 2: Prepare the profile and give it to the businessman to sign.

👉 Step 3: TASCO will submit documents on behalf of business people and receive results.

👉 Step 4: Hand over the registration certificate to entrepreneurs.

👉 Step 5: Post-establishment consultation.

⏩ Dossier to establish a social enterprise includes:

➥ An application for registration of a social enterprise;

➥ Charter of social enterprises; ➥ List of members/shareholders contributing capital;

➥ Commitment to social and environmental goals;

➥ Valid copies of ID cards/ Citizen ID /passports of members or capital contributors and legal representatives of the enterprise;

➥ Power of attorney for the applicant (if not the legal representative of the filing company);

➥ A valid copy of the applicant's ID/Citizen ID/passport (if any).

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