Service of converting business form from household to enterprise is a service to advise, support, and represent entrepreneurs on legal issues, conversion procedures, documents to prepare for business establishment. . Entrepreneurs only need to provide information and relevant documents, the rest will be done by TASCO.

❓ Are you in need of converting your business form from household to enterprise?

❓ You do not know the procedures and related documents?

❓ Don't know where to start?

❓ Don't have enough time to find out?

❓ Are you looking for a reputable unit to entrust the above work?

Tax agent TASCO will help business people solve the above problems with the service of converting from business households to enterprises, all your business problems will be solved with the quality of service that TASCO's team of experts bring. With many years of experience in the field of business legal advice, TASCO will solve it in the fastest time, with the most economical cost for your business.


What is a household business? What is an enterprise?

️⛳ Household business is not a type of business. A business household is registered to be established by an individual or members of a household and is responsible for all his/her assets for the household's business activities. In case household members register as business households, they shall authorize one member to act as the business household representative. For individuals registering business households, the person authorized by household members to act as the business household representative is the owner of the business household.

️⛳ An enterprise or rather a business is an economic organization with its own name, assets, stable transaction office, and business registration in accordance with law for the purpose of carrying out business activities.

Benefits and limitations when converting from household business to enterprise:

🍀 Benefits received:

🔗 To operate under a legal entity, to have its own seal, more convenient in civil transactions, to borrow from banks;

🔗 Only limited liability within the charter capital of the company;

🔗 Receive more support from professional associations, access to investment incentives from the state, when operating with new functions, businesses can mobilize capital contribution from organizations, other individuals; easier access to bank loans, have the opportunity to expand production and business development, improve position in the market...

🔗 Exemption of fees for first-time business registration, free of charge for first-time publication of business registration contents;

🔗 Exemption of license fees for a period of 03 years from the date of being granted the first business registration certificate;

🔗 Free appraisal and fee for a first-time business license for conditional business lines;

🔗 Get free advice, guidance, and support in drafting business establishment documents;

🔗 To receive free advice and guidance on tax administrative procedures and accounting regimes within 3 years from the date of being granted the first business registration certificate;

🔗 Exemption and reduction of corporate income tax for a definite period in accordance with the law on corporate income tax.

🍀 Limit:

🔗 Enterprises have to pay many taxes with tax rates many times higher than business households such as license tax, value-added tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax payment for employees, and other taxes. other such as environmental protection tax, import-export tax, special consumption...;

🔗 After the transformation, the enterprise must open bookkeeping, monthly must pay accountants salary, then have to buy digital signatures, e-invoices...;

🔗 The accounting and bookkeeping system of enterprises is very complicated, they must declare and finalize taxes, make reports on the use of invoices and financial statements, and must ensure that all reports and bookkeeping are always in accordance with the law, on time, in accordance with accounting standards;

🔗 The issue of recruitment, dismissal, or dissolution of the enterprise must also comply with regulations;

🔗 Enterprises have to carry out more complicated administrative procedures than household businesses such as insurance, labor, fire prevention, etc. and these procedures will increase costs and cause difficulties for operations. manufacturing business.

The process of converting from household business to enterprise:

1️⃣ Step 1: Receive information and advice for entrepreneurs.

2️⃣ Step 2: Prepare documents and give them to business people to sign.

3️⃣ Step 3: On behalf of the businessman, submit the application and receive the result at the Business Registration Office.

4️⃣ Step 4: Announce information about converting from business household to enterprise on the National Portal.

5️⃣ Step 5: Perform the work after completing the conversion to an enterprise.

A document of conversion from a business household to an enterprise includes:

● Original certificate of business household registration;

● A valid copy of the tax registration certificate;

● Company rules;

● Business registration application form;

● List of members (for limited liability companies with two or more members, partnerships) or list of founding shareholders (for joint-stock companies);

● In case the capital contributing member to establish the company is an organization, it is necessary to supplement: A valid copy of the establishment decision, enterprise registration certificate, other equivalent documents of the organization;

● A valid copy of ID card/CCCD/passport of the legal representative, members, shareholders;

● Power of attorney for the applicant (if the legal representative does not directly submit the application);

● A valid copy of the authorized person's ID/CCCD/passport.

Why should entrepreneurs choose TASCO's service to convert business form from household to enterprise:

⭐Processing applications quickly, from receiving information to completing documents within 1 day.

⭐Commitment to package costs and no additional costs.

⭐Commitment to deliver the business license and seal on time.

⭐Free home service throughout the process.

⭐Free consultation support before and after completion 24/7.

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