Personal income tax finalization service

Individuals earning taxable incomes from salaries and wages must make tax finalization personal income. Individuals can make the final settlement by themselves or authorize an organization to make the settlement on their behalf. In order to support and accompany organizations and individuals, TASCO Tax Agent will bring to customers PIT finalization service with reasonable cost and high responsibility.

1. What is personal income tax? What is PIT finalization:

🔰 Personal income tax (PIT) is an amount that income earners must deduct part of their salary, or from other sources of revenue, into the state budget after deductions have been made.

🔰 PIT is not levied on low-income individuals, so this revenue will be fair to all beneficiaries, contributing to reducing the gap between social classes.

🔰 Finalization of personal income tax means that individuals earning taxable income from salaries and wages self-settle or authorize the income payer to declare the PIT amount in a tax year with the Tax authority.

🔰 TASCO's PIT finalization service will help customers make tax finalization for each individual employee working at the enterprise. Thereby, it will balance this fee reasonably and at the same time help businesses reduce the amount of PIT payable for high-wage workers. With the motto "Dedication - Responsibility - Professionalism" - Tax agent TASCO is committed to providing customers with the highest quality and effective service

2. Entities subject to PIT finalization:

⏩ Individuals who must make PIT finalization include:

✔ People whose income exceeds the prescribed level must pay tax

✔ People with income from many different sources

✔ People whose income is subject to tax

⏩ Regulations on subjects that must make PIT finalization:

✔ All residents who generate income (including salaries, wages, rentals, ...)

✔ If the individual has only one source of income, usually the business where the individual works will do it instead.

✔ Individuals with many income sources must make their own settlement with tax authorities on their entire income, not authorized for any other organizations.

3. TASCO's PIT finalization service will support customers with the following issues:

🔅 Advising customers on tax laws in general and personal income tax laws in particular;

🔅 Advising customers on regulations and orders, procedures, and records on personal income tax finalization;

🔅 Make personal income tax finalization when authorized by customers, including preparing, completing, and submitting finalization documents to competent state agencies;

🔅 Prepare the PIT finalization declaration;

🔅 Register an electronic tax account for customers;

🔅 Support to track the status of the file until the customer receives the tax refund and assist the customer to pay tax if there is a tax payable.

🔅 Perform other services related to tax finalization when required by customers.

4. Process of providing PIT finalization service of TASCO:

Step 1: Receive information, and tax advice

Step 2: Make a personal income tax finalization declaration

Step 3: Send the declaration to the customer, the customer checks the information and data on the declaration.

Step 4: Go to the customer's place to get the documents and sign the declaration.

Step 5: Submit the personal income tax return online and send the personal income tax finalization document to the tax authority where the customer's personal income tax is settled.

5. A personal income tax finalization dossier includes:

➣ A tax finalization declaration, made according to to form 02/QTT-TNCN attached to Circular 80.

➣ Appendix to list of deductions for dependents according to form 02-1/BK-QTT-TNCN issued together with Circular 80.

➣ Photocopies of tax documents evidencing the withheld tax amount, temporarily paid in the year, tax paid abroad (if any).

➣ Photocopies of documents proving the contribution to a charity fund, study promotion fund, or humanitarian fund (if any).

➣ In case individuals receive income from international organizations, embassies, and consulates and receive income from abroad, there must be documents proving the amount paid by the overseas income-paying unit or organization.

6. Information that customers need to provide:

➥ Tax withholding documents and proof of income for the year.

➥ Declare existing income sources in the year of settlement.

➥ Birth certificate or ID/citizen identification information of dependents.

➥ Bank account number, email, phone number, and contact address.

7. Why should customers use TASCO's PIT finalization service:

1️⃣ There is always a front desk team who usually directly customers on behalf of the business.

2️⃣ Free business license fees.

3️⃣ Full facilities: desk, reception room, meeting room, printer, copy, wifi, drinking water, coffee, confectionery reception, reception,...

4️⃣ Cost only from 500k/month.

5️⃣ Support consulting and solving issues related to Business Registration licenses and related tax accounting policy advice.

6️⃣ 20% reduction in tax accounting costs if signing a 1-year contract.

✳️ TASCO tax agent is proud to be an organization founded and led by CEOs with more than 17 years of experience in the field of Accounting - Taxation - Finance in multinational companies with a team of highly qualified professionals, always updating their knowledge regularly and working with the motto "DEFINITION - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL" ensuring to provide businessmen with business establishment services, tax accounting services, the most reputable and professional tax consultant. Besides, TASCO always puts the interests of business people first. More than anyone else, TASCO understands that customers have to invest a lot of money when starting a business. Therefore, TASCO always supports customers to minimize costs to operate their businesses sustainably.

👉 In addition, when using TASCO's services, customers also receive the following souvenirs including: 01 pen and 01 thermos bottle bearing the meaningful TASCO logo.

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