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Your business after many years of operation has gone through many changes in accounting staff, no one is responsible for the data and explanations when it is inspected by the tax authorities. You are worried about your business's accounting books not being in accordance with the law. Concerned about missing documents, or documents that need to be supplemented or adjusted? Come to TASCO, the accounting book troubleshooting service that will solve all your problems.

1. What is the bookkeeping troubleshooting service?

🔰 The accounting bookkeeping service is a service for businesses whose accounting records have been in good condition over many years of operation due to the changing nature of accounting personnel leading to many uncontrollable errors.

🔰 TASCO's accounting bookkeeping service will help your business not be interrupted during its operation. When using this service, all problems will be solved quickly, the books will become clear, complete, and in accordance with regulations. All invoices and vouchers are organized according to a certain system and accordingly, the accounting at the enterprise will continue to be implemented for the following years.

🔰 By reviewing and reviewing the annual accounting books of the Enterprise. TASCO's experienced accounting team will help businesses troubleshoot accounting books, and adjust and supplement actual documents to match tax declaration books.

2. Benefits of using the bookkeeping troubleshooting service:

✔ Review, and check all accounting books of the Enterprise in previous years. Adjusting and supplementing errors helps businesses feel secure when there is a request to check the books of the tax authority.

✔ Accompanying businesses and supporting accounting advice throughout the operation of the Enterprise

✔ TASCO respects the agreement on price and commits not to arise, if any arises TASCO will agree in advance with customers.

✔ The important result that customers receive from TASCO's accounting bookkeeping service is to help businesses not be confused in the process of constantly changing accounting personnel of the business, rest assured with audits of accounting books by tax authorities.

3. Process of performing TASCO's bookkeeping troubleshooting service:

4. TASCO's bookkeeping service will perform the following tasks on behalf of customers:

⏩ Checking the enterprise's books: Reviewing, and checking all accounting books of the enterprise in previous years. Adjusting and supplementing errors helps businesses feel secure when there is a request to check the books of the tax authority.

⏩ Troubleshooting and completing books for businesses:

◾ Rearrange invoices and vouchers.

◾ Adjusting and supplementing accounting vouchers that are still lacking in the course of operations.

◾ Make additional declarations and adjustments to the reports already submitted to the tax authorities.

◾ Complete all business books.

You can refer to the price list of TASCO's bookkeeping debugging service here.

5. Why should you use TASCO's bookkeeping service?

1️⃣ There is always a front desk team who usually directly customers on behalf of the business.

2️⃣ Free business license fees.

3️⃣ Full facilities: desk, reception room, meeting room, printer, copy, wifi, drinking water, coffee, confectionery reception, reception,...

4️⃣ Cost only from 500k/month.

5️⃣ Support consulting and solving issues related to Business Registration licenses and related tax accounting policy advice.

6️⃣ 20% reduction in tax accounting costs if signing a 1-year contract.

✳️ TASCO tax agent is proud to be an organization founded and led by CEOs with more than 17 years of experience in the field of Accounting - Taxation - Finance in multinational companies with a team of highly qualified professionals, always updating their knowledge regularly and working with the motto "DEFINITION - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL" ensuring to provide businessmen with business establishment services, tax accounting services, the most reputable and professional tax consultant. Besides, TASCO always puts the interests of business people first. More than anyone else, TASCO understands that customers have to invest a lot of money when starting a business. Therefore, TASCO always supports customers to minimize costs to operate their businesses sustainably.

👉 In addition, when using TASCO's services, customers also receive the following souvenirs including: 01 pen and 01 thermos bottle bearing the meaningful TASCO logo.

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